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Textcortex AI


TextCortex is an AI-powered writing tool that offers various features to help writers improve their writing skills. With over 60 AI templates, writers can easily create different types of content.

The tool also provides summarizing and paraphrasing features to help writers condense longer texts and extract the key points in any text box. Writers can use TextCortex to shorten sentences and large pieces of text into brief information. In addition, TextCortex provides advanced features such as tone changing, translation, and citation generation.

The platform is easily accessible, and its features can be used on more than 30 widely used platforms. TextCortex is beneficial for both modern and traditional writers and is widely used by digital marketers to create articles, blog posts, marketing materials, ad copies, and social media posts.

The tool leverages GPT-3 technology to generate both long and short-form content for various industries. TextCortex offers a free trial, and users can choose from various pricing plans based on their needs. The platform also provides an interactive course on how to use generative AI in daily work through its Cortex Creator Academy.

How much does Textcortex AI cost?

The textcortex browser extension allows you to rewrite 10 pieces of text per day for free. Paid packages starting at $19.99 offer unlimited usage. The fully featured package comes in at $49.99 per month. See Textcortex's pricing page for full details.

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Textcortex AI
Create the highest quality content 7x faster, using TextCortex AI – the best copywriting tool for all your content. Get started for free, no credit card required.