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Copymatic is a content writing tool that uses AI technology to automatically generate SEO-optimized and engaging articles. The platform's blog provides examples of the quality of content that can be produced with the click of a button.

However, users should be aware that their personal information may be sold or transferred in the event of bankruptcy, merger, acquisition, reorganization or sale of assets. It is important to note that once the information is transferred, privacy rights may change.

Overall, Copymatic aims to make content creation more efficient and accessible, but users should weigh the benefits against potential privacy concerns.

How much does Copymatic cost?

Copymatic's pricing scales with the number of words per month from 15,000 words for $6 per month all the way up to 3,200,000 words for $532 per month. There is also a custom enterprise package that comes with dedicated support. See Copymatic's pricing page for full details.

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Copymatic is a powerful AI-powered copywriter and content writer that lets you write digital ads, website copy or blog content, and more in seconds.