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SocialJuice AI


SocialJuice AI is an innovative review collection software that helps businesses collect more qualitative reviews with ease. With this software, clients can easily share their opinions about a product or service, making it easier for businesses to build their online reputation. SocialJuice AI is powered by OpenAI ChatGPT, which is known for its advanced chatbot technology.

Customizable Review Form: With SocialJuice AI, businesses can create a customizable review form that can be sent to clients through a link. The review form asks clients questions and generates an accurate review based on their answers. The software suggests better wording based on the client's actual opinion, ensuring that no fake reviews are created.

Personalized Review Collector: SocialJuice AI allows businesses to create their own personalized review collector. This feature lets businesses customize their chat page with their logo, colors, and theme. They can also write their own starting prompt and suggest questions to steer the content of the review.

Fast Review Collection: SocialJuice AI promises to collect a review using its AI chatbot in under a minute, making it one of the fastest review collection software in the market.

Accurate Review Generation: The AI chatbot of SocialJuice AI is designed to ask the right questions to clients, ensuring that an accurate review is generated. This feature ensures that businesses receive more and higher quality reviews automatically.

Waitlist: Businesses can join the waitlist to be notified when the software is available. This feature ensures that businesses can be among the first to experience the software.

How much does SocialJuice AI cost?

SocialJuice offers both free and paid options, with the Starer plan costing $39/month for unlimited text and video testimonials. See the SocialJuice website for full pricing details.

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SocialJuice AI
Collect more qualitative reviews, while making it easier for clients to know what to talk about, lowering the bar. Collect a review using SocialJuice AI in under 1 minute!
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