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MarketMuse is an AI-powered content intelligence and strategy platform that helps content creators and SEO teams to create, optimize and manage content more efficiently. The platform analyzes content at the site-level to provide insights on where the website has authority and where it needs improvement. MarketMuse's AI analyzes natural language and builds topic models to help content creators write naturally on any topic, without resorting to keyword-stuffed content.

The platform offers several features such as content planning, content briefs, optimization, and domain analysis. Content planning allows users to create content plans in minutes using page-level, site-level, and SERP insights. Content clusters help users to tell the whole story and own their topic by gaining authority. Content briefs analyze 100s to 1000s of pages to build topic models, ensuring that users create comprehensive and differentiated content. Optimization features identify gaps in coverage that users can exploit to have the most comprehensive and differentiated content on any topic.

MarketMuse offers a range of pricing options, including monthly or annual subscriptions for one user with 100 queries per month. The full results of MarketMuse's features are available, including averages, heatmaps, site-level analysis, and linking recommendations. The platform also offers data export and domain analysis for any number of pages within one or more domains.

Jeff Coyle, the co-founder and chief strategy officer of MarketMuse, is an AI content marketing expert with over 21 years of experience in the search industry. The company is committed to diversity and is an equal opportunity workplace. MarketMuse also offers a referral program for partners that send new business to the platform.

Overall, MarketMuse appears to be a powerful platform for content creators and SEO teams that want to create, optimize, and manage content more effectively. With its AI-powered features, MarketMuse provides users with valuable insights that can help them to improve their content quality and build topical authority.

How much does MarketMuse cost?

MarketMuse offers two pricing plans for its users:

Standard Plan: This plan costs $149 per month or $1,500 per year. It includes the following features:
1 user
100 queries per month
Full results in SERP X-ray, including averages
Full results in Heatmap, including site-level analysis
Full results in Topic Navigator
Connect for linking recommendations
Data export
Domain analysis for any number of pages within one or more domains.
Team Plan: This plan offers a more comprehensive set of features and costs $399 per month or $3,900 per year. It includes all the features in the Standard Plan and the following additional features:
3 users
unlmited queries
Full results in Site Audit, including on-page analysis and prioritized recommendations
Access to MarketMuse Academy, which includes online training and certification programs.
MarketMuse offers a free trial for users to test out the platform before committing to a paid plan. The trial includes limited access to features and the ability to analyze only one topic at a time.

Additionally, MarketMuse offers customized enterprise plans for large organizations with unique needs. Users can contact the MarketMuse sales team for more information on pricing and features for these plans.

Overall, MarketMuse's pricing plans provide a range of options for users with varying needs and budgets. The platform's AI-powered content intelligence and strategy features offer valuable insights to help content marketers and SEO teams improve their content quality and authority.

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