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GrowthBar is an AI-powered writing tool for content creators, marketers, and editors. It offers end-to-end features for researching, writing, and optimizing SEO content using intelligent algorithms and AI. GrowthBar provides its users with various functions to enhance their writing process, such as identifying keywords and intent, outlining the structure and format, adding topics and subtopics to be covered, creating an audience persona, giving an estimated word count, and including calls-to-action.

One of the significant advantages of using GrowthBar is the ability to drag-and-drop listicle elements into your post, saving time in organizing and writing your article. Another key feature of GrowthBar is the content generator, which helps to produce high-quality content and optimize it for SEO.

GrowthBar has been rated as the highest AI writing tool on G2 and offers a 5-day free trial to its users. It is an efficient tool for those who want to write content ten times faster and get more organic traffic. It also provides the ability to create pillar page content, prioritize optimizing pages for SEO, and optimize your article using GrowthBar's content generation and optimizer.

In the world of AI writing software and content generators, GrowthBar competes with other platforms like Jasper and Rytr. GrowthBar is founded by Todd Kelsey PhD, who also shares his learnings from growing his own business and San Francisco-based tech startups on the GrowthBar blog.

How much does GrowthBar cost?

Growthbar has a number of scalable features at different price points including; the number of paragraphs generated, the number of keywords tracked, number of sites tracked and number of users in a team. The packages start at $48 per month and range all the way up to $199 per month. Check growthbar's pricing page for full details.

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